Classes offered in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Creative Movement, Boy's Classes, Adult Classes, Contemporary and Yoga Fusion.

Ballet/Pointe Technique

Disciplined training with standard exercises which challenges a student’s mind as well as body. Exercises and steps help to build correct body placement, flexibility and strength required for this classical technique and pointe work. Ballet is the foundation for all dance movement and will only enhance a student’s progress in other dance styles. A combination of French, Cecchetti and Vaganova styles is taught.


Works the ears as well as the feet. Rhythm skills are essential to building a solid foundation for tap. A tap syllabus is followed and introduced to beginners as well as intermediate to advanced dancers. Challenging combinations are taught to each level of dancer to aid in their progress as well as making for a fun and upbeat part of class.


Builds coordination of all parts of the body. Students work on a strong warm-up as well as isolations, stretching and exercises used to help build a strong core, balance and strength needed for progressions of dance steps. Styles of jazz range from theater and classical to funk and contemporary.


Combining the technical elements of classical Ballet with the fluidity and lighter aspects of jazz and modern dance. A strong ballet and jazz base are required or introduced to beginners. Choreography is a combination of musicality and expressiveness.

Hip Hop

Street dance style of dance primarily performed to hip hop music. A wide range of styles are taught: breaking, locking and popping as well as contemporary styles of krumping and floorwork.


Consists of both ballet and modern dance technique. This class combines strong leg work, torso, contract-release, floor work and improvisation.

Creative Movement

An introduction to dance for preschool age children. Students work on basic ballet skills, some jazz and modern as well as locomotor and non-locomotor movement. Students work on learning sequences, sometimes sing and use props and are introduced to ballet vocabulary. It is a structured class yet also gives students a chance to use their imagination. Students learn discipline as well as social skills. It is a required class for students 3-4 years. Students completing this class may then move into Preballet at the entrance into kindergarten.

Adult Dance Classes

Serious student or just for fun. We have the quality training for all adults. Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Tap, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Levels.

Yoga Fusion Class

A classic fusion of Vinyasa + Yin yoga combined with lower body strength exercises from ballet barre work. Emphasis put on upper body + core strength through Sun Salutations, plank variations and arm balance preps. Deep stretching incorporated through Yin yoga poses. This class is designed to strengthen, stretch and balance the entire body. No experience needed, wear comfortable, fitted (or semi-fitted) workout attire, barefoot or grip socks suggested. Please bring your favorite yoga mat.