Studio Policies

As a student of Dean/Black School of Performing Arts, Inc., we want you to enjoy and know the pleasures of dancing. Whether to prepare for a professional career, college track or for exercise to keep you moving and fit. The education and discipline you will receive will be fun as well as rewarding.

It is the dancer's and parent's responsibility to read all notices sent home and to read the bulletin board for notices and any updated information. Vital financial and/or scheduling information is contained in these notices. Please come to the office or call if you have any questions. Misunderstandings and schedule conflicts often can be avoided by good communication.

Students must be courteous to the instructors, other dancers and parents at all times. Students, parents, brothers and sisters are expected to respect the dance school property.

No smoking by ANYONE in class, the waiting room, or outside building on school premises.

Dress Code Requirements

A dress code is necessary as a view of body line is important for proper correction. No unnecessary clothing may be worn over or tied to shoulders or waist. We request that all students wear cover up clothing over dancewear whenever outside the dance studio. Please review the dress code for each class type.

All students are required to have a backpack or dance bag to store dancewear and notices sent home with students. Please check it often. Please put students name on all shoes, bags and dancewear.

Payment Schedule

Lesson fees are to be paid in 4 pay periods. No refunds on lessons after 1st lesson. Lesson fees are due at the beginning of a pay period. Students will be dismissed if payments are ignored after the second month. If payment cannot be made on time, please call the studio and make arrangements for payment. We will then be aware of your good intentions. However, after the 15th of the month ignored payments will be charged a late $15.00 per month. This will be enforced. All returned checks will be charged $40.00 - NO EXCEPTIONS. Monies cannot be transferred from one student to another. Any account continuing to have a balance will be charged a late fee, if no payments are made each month.

Credit Policy

Tuition fees are nonrefundable. In some cases, such as serious or long-term illness, credit may be extended for future classes. The medical credit will be considered only from the date that it was reported to the Dean/Black S.P.A. office (not to the teacher).

Students must call and let the office know they are discontinuing, otherwise your account will continue to be charged.

If a student discontinues and then re-registers for a class at a later time within the same season, a second registration fee will be charged. Lessons may then be charged for the remainder of the season in full.

Outside Dance Classes

Students must be exclusive to the Dean/Black School of Performing Arts, Inc. Other studios have different teaching styles and methods; we find this to be a conflict of interest. Rehearsals as well as shows and classes conflict with the Dean/Black schedule. Therefore no student will be accepted to the program if they are regularly taking class at another studio in the area.

Check/Cash Payments

Checks must be made to Dean/Black School of Performing Arts, Inc. If payment is made in cash, please be sure it is in an envelope with the student's name, amount of cash and the date. Please give it to the office and make sure you receive a receipt before leaving. Those who pay by check may consider their canceled check their receipt. Payment for dancewear must be made separately, do not include this with payment for classes.

Attendance/Missed Lessons

Students are expected to attend every class in the level they are assigned and to arrive on time. Progress in class is dependent upon regular and consistent participation. Because of the disruption of the class and the importance of the initial warm-up exercises, students entering class late for that reason may be asked to observe.

Lessons missed cannot be made up. NO REFUNDS WILL BE PERMITTED ON MISSED LESSONS. Once enrolled, all classes are to be attended and paid for. If the instructor cancels a class, arrangements for a make-up class will be made.


If Midland Public Schools are closed due to weather, dance class will also be cancelled if the weather does not improve. If the roads and weather clear by the afternoon, classes will go on as scheduled. Please check the studio phone or studio Facebook page by 2:00pm.


The studio must be notified if a student is going to be absent or discontinuing classes. Please attend as many classes as possible; otherwise students fall behind in material introduced. A student must finish a 2 month session or forfeit the paid lessons. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. Students must make it their responsibility to attend class. If a dancer misses more than four (4) of his/her classes through the September to May dance season, the instructor reserves the right to remove said student from the spring performance.


Ballet and creative movement students' hair must be worn in a bun or away from the neck. No loose hair will be permitted. If hair is short, barrettes or headbands must be worn. Jazz and tap students must wear their hair away from their neck and face. Please, no large earrings, watches or extra jewelry. Please leave these items at home. The studio will not be responsible for lost or stolen property.


Please do not wait for your child at the studio during class. This distracts the children and interferes with the attention of the entire class. Our lobby also cannot accommodate every parent waiting. The viewing window will be open at the end of each class.


There is a restroom located at the studio, however, please try to have small children use the restroom at home before coming to class. This will reduce classroom interruptions.

Picking Up and Dropping Off Students

Please bring your child on time for class and pick them up on time when class is dismissed. If you are going to be late, please notify the studio office and make arrangements in advance. Also, please be sure your child knows who is picking him/her up. If an unusual arrangement is made with your child, please make sure the studio office is aware of the arrangements.


Students attending classes at the studio, please park with caution, children as well as adults are walking through the parking lot. There are children on the premises - please drive carefully. Do not leave other children unattended at the studio, inside or outside. No food or drinks are permitted in the studio or office area.